OPTO 2017 is an international conference organized in Poland annually by students for students. The topics of the meeting include optics, photonics and related fields. We strive to provide students and young researchers from (mainly) mid-eastern Europe a chance to present and discuss their latest scientific achievements. By inviting notable scientists from all over the world as Invited Speakers, we  aim to establish a high scientific standard. During the meeting, young researchers get a chance not only to broaden their knowledge by attending interesting lectures, but also to gain a very valuable experience in presenting their research and improve soft skills. Professional development plays a crucial role in education of young researcher. As we wish for the conference to have a high impact on young scientist’s careers we provide special sessions devoted to this issues. It is also a unique networking opportunity, as the meetings gathers great amount of students studying the same field.

This year the conference is going to be organized for eleventh time. It will be a very special event, since it is the first time the conference will take place in Warsaw. OPTO 2017 is also unique because it is organized by a collaborative effort of Student Chapters from three Universities: Warsaw University of Technology, University of Warsaw and Military University of Technology.