Conference banquete

In the evening of Friday 7th July 2017 there is scheduled a conference banquet for participants of the conference. The event will start at 20:00 in Ludwikowska Hall in Hotel Polonia Palace .

There will be a walk from the conference place to the Polonia Hotel, starting at 19:30. Please keep in mind that the distance is about 1.5 km and if you are wearing high heels it may be more convenient to use public transport and meet with us in the hotel.

Letters of acceptance

We have just finished full abstract analysis. All submissions have been checked on basis of merit and requirements compliance. If you registered for OPTO2017 you should receive an email with decision on the form of your participation. Those who applied for a travel grant should also obtain a decision regarding this matter. If you did not received any email from OPTO2017 team – please contact us:

Time and place

We are pleased to announce that OPTO Meeting 2017 will take place in Warsaw in the building of Centrum Zarządzania Innowacjami i Transferem Technologii Politechniki Warszawskiej.

We will start on July 4th with Professional Development Day and end on July 8th with Social Day. From 5th to 7th we invite you to present your latest scientific achievements and attend lectures given by our notable Invited Speakers!


The Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer Management (CZIiTT) at Warsaw University of Technology, Poland’s best technical university, is a unique place designed for research, innovation, and technology transfer.

The Centre focuses on the management of innovation and technology transfer, interdisciplinary cooperation in conducting R&D, and supporting academic institutions.

The Centre:

  • supports the progress of technology transfer by creating conditions  for effective commercialization of the results of research and development,
  • supports the development of innovative academic entrepreneurship,
  • provides assistance in projects realisation: from application to implementation, including large investment projects,
  • supports building a culture of innovation.

The Centre is a modern building located in the centre of Warsaw, in close proximity to the main campus of Warsaw University of Technology, offering offices, laboratories, conference and seminar rooms. Six specialised departments aid students, faculty and business to create and innovate:

  • Research and Analysis Department
  • Commercialisaction and Technology
  • Development of Young Researchers’
  • Education Support Department
  • Innovation Incubator Department