Thank you :)

The 14th edition of OPTO conference is already behind us. We would like to thank you once again, dear participants, that you were with us this year in Toruń. Thank you to all Polish SPIE/OSA/EPS student chapters gathered around the joint venture! To Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun and Military University of Technology together with their cheerful students. To our sponsors – Menlo Systems, Interlab Sp. z o.o., and The Optical Society, SPIE & PTF organizations. And to our invaluable Aleksander Jablonski Foundation for all the support we got!

You were the best!

During the banquet, there were long queues to organize subsequent editions. Another OPTO will probably not come back to Copernicus’ city soon. We have sent you a survey prepared by The Scientific Club of Optics and Photonics of the University of Warsaw, which may help them in the preparation of the future editions. Please fill it out if you have time.

See you next year!

Billiards and bowling in “Lucky Star” club

The Lucky Star club is located on the 1st floor of Toruń Plaza mall. To get there you must take a tram of line 2 (direction: “Motoarena“) and get off on the “Plac Skalskiego-Toruń Plaza” stop.

The tram should have a ticket machine inside. If not, you can ask motorist for the tickets or make use of moBilet or skycash apps. Reduced ticket price (1.40zł) is available for students and for Ph.D. candidates as well.

Don’t get lost in Institute!

The building of the Institute of Physics at the Nicolaus Copernicus University may seem huge and complicated, but moving within it is not so. The registration of the participants can be found in the Atrium (level 0). Workshops and all lecture sessions – in room 26 (level 2). See you there!