Invited Speakers

DVM PhD MS Marek Kulka

Dr. Kulka earned his Ph.D. from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences in 2018. He holds the adjunct position in the Department of Pathology and Veterinary Diagnostics (WULS). His research is focusing on veterinary hematology, and investigating new diagnostic methods and its applications in the diseases diagnostics. Dr. Kulka is also working as veterinarian, consulting patients with blood disorders.

Lecture topic: Optical methods used in hematology

Scope: Different optical equipment such as: microscopy, flow cytometry is widely used in investigating cells biology and pathology. During the lecture I will present optical methods used in research and in daily routine practice, when dealing with lymphoma, leukemia and anemic patients.

Dr Michał Tomczak

Michał T. Tomczak – Ph.D. in Social Sciences, Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Management and Economics. His research interests focus on Human Resources Management, particularly on employees’ competencies and Assistive Technologies integrating employees with Autism Spectrum Disorders within the digitized workplace. Head of Research Team in the field of GUT Graduates Professional Situation Monitoring and head of HR Manager and Local Self-Government Management postgraduate programs. Project leader and researcher in several research projects financed by the National Science Centre and the National Centre for Research and Development. Author of articles in scientific journals, chapters in monographs, research reports and Human Resources Management Handbook for University Students. Member of the Scientific Society of Gdańsk and expert of Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA).

Lecture topic: Effective team building – how to do it?

Dr Dongsheng Geng

Dr Dongsheng Geng received a PhD degree in Mechanical & Materials Engineering from University of Western Ontario and a PhD degree in Physical Chemistry (including Chemical physics) from Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has also earned a B.S. degree in Pharmaceutical chemistry from Hebei University. In 2018 he was selected as a highly cited researcher in the field of cross-field by Clarivate Analytics. Three years earlier he was awarded the “Thousand Talent Program” Young Outstanding Scientist Grant by the Organization Department of the Central Committee.

Dr Dachi Yang

Dr Dachi Yang attained a PhD degree in Materials Physics and Chemistry from the Institute of Solid State Physics, CAS, China and a Bachelor degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Zhengzhou University, China. In 2014 he has received the “Thousand Talent Program” Young Outstanding Scientist of Tianjin City which was granted by Tianjin Science and Technology Commission. Dr Yang is engaged in the design and preparation of a functional nanomaterial. He took part in developing high performance sensors based on nanomaterials such as intelligent gas sensors (focusing on hydrogen, inorganic gases, VOC gas detection, etc.) in the fields of Internet of Things, human health, home life, industrial production. He was exploring new hydrogen energy conversion (fuel-cell electrode catalysis, electrochemical hydrogen evolution and oxygen evolution) and energy storage (supercapacitor).